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The global pandemic, COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus has hit every country by storm. Local authorities mandate ever-changing initiatives to help slow the spread, allowing more time and availability for testing and treatment. We all are practicing social distancing and limiting our contact with others. As colleges in California are about to begin, setting these practices in place practically meant one thing, close the campus, and move to online education. This transition has been set into place and ready for Fall 2020 instruction, but what does that mean for student organizations? CSU Chico has been tirelessly working on what that looks like.  

[PIKE will be taking this time to focus on strengthening the foundation of the Chico Chapter]

              Fraternities and sororities across the campus at California State University, Chico are facing the facts, all social operations have to cease. For the social Greek Life organizations, this allows everyone to focus on internal operations. Each Greek Life fraternity and sorority will be adapting in their own way. Our chapter, Pi Kappa Alpha aka PIKE will be taking this time to focus on strengthening the foundation of the Chico chapter. Chico PIKES will be rebuilding and re-branding; digging deep into what it takes to run as a chapter in excellent standards and doing proper education for its officers and members.

              Chico PIKES will be working closely with their alumni, headquarters, and Fraternity & Sorority Affairs (FSA) office. FSA, who oversee the operations of all Greek Life at Chico State are adapting to the campus being closed for most classes in Fall 2020. FSA and the Chico PIKES are committed to building a strong Chico fraternity, hoping to contribute to laying the groundwork of fraternity operations at CSU, Chico during the pandemic.

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