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In October of 2020, the Chico PIKES come off a 3-year court mandated probation from a guilty plea of cutting down and damaging timber in the Lassen National Forrest. During the past three years, the brothers have served over 6,000 hours of community service and developed a rebuild plan. The rebuild plan outlines best practices for the Chico PIKES to run operations under excellent standards. This rebuild plan was developed by Chico State, Pi Kappa Alpha Memorial Headquarters, and the Alumni Advisory Board.

Moving forward, the Chico PIKES will focus on operational goals that foster a positive vision to benefit the Chico Community, Chico State, Chico Greek Life, and Chico PIKES’ current and future members. These goals ensure best practices, instilling the original principles of what it means to be a PIKE. These principles are centered around being a Scholar, Leaders, Athlete, and Gentleman or SLAG. The Chico PIKES rebuild plan also covers the important topic of rituals and traditions, staying true to founding traditions rather than creating destruction and irrelevant local ones.

With not only taking the advantage of the opportunity of time, we are wiping the slate clean and starting with a fresh set of members. We are confident that with the rebuild plan the Chico PIKES will be set up for success.

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